To ensure the correct transmission of myCollaborate messages and notifications, it is necessary to correctly configure your mobile device beforehand.

Your phone must have an internet connection

1/ Just open an Internet page on your browser to check the connection.

2/ If internet browsing is working but you are not receiving messages and notifications from myCollaborate:

  • Try another connection,
  • If connected to Wi-Fi, try mobile data and vice versa,
  • Check with your mobile operator and your system administrator that your APN and router are correctly configured and allow socket and not web connections.

Make sure there are no limits on background data

Open your phone\'s Settings: Applications / myCollaborate / Mobile data usage,

Allow background data usage. Do the same for data usage in data saver mode.

Additional Troubleshooting

Reboot your phone,

Reset app preferences:

  • Phone Settings / Apps
  • Click on the 3 small dots at the top right of the screen / Reset preferences

Leave your phone plugged into a power source to avoid activating battery saver,

Make sure your Wi-Fi is always active even when the phone is on standby:

  • Phone Settings / Connections / Wi-Fi
  • Click on the 3 small dots at the top right of the screen / Advanced settings / Wi-Fi on in standby mode > Always

Avoid task killers that can affect the proper functioning of applications and in particular prevent the reception of messages when the application is inactive.

Additional troubleshooting depending on OS

1/ Android 4.1 – 4.4

  • Make sure that automatic data synchronization is activated in your phone\'s Settings > Data usage > Menu > automatic data synchronization
  • Make sure Wi-Fi optimization is turned off in your phone\'s Settings > Wi-Fi > Menu > Advanced > WiFi

2/ Android 6.0+

  • Make sure do not disturb mode is disabled or that you have enabled myCollaborate notification focus mode in your phone\'s Settings > Sounds > Do Not Disturb
  • Make sure all myCollaborate permissions are granted in your phone\'s Settings > Apps > myCollaborate > Permissions

If none of the above steps worked for you, you may not be receiving updates from Google's push notification services.

Issue: battery management, Android.

Go to Settings -> Apps and notifications

  • Select Advanced Settings -> then Battery which will appear
  • The Battery Optimization screen will appear
  • Please select "Do not optimize", this will allow the application not to sleep and not block incoming calls.

Note that on the different phone models, the procedure or menu titles may vary, but the framework remains the same.

Issue: Call and message notifications, Android.

Go to Settings -> Apps and notifications

Please select "Allow to notify" for new messages as well as for calls and uncheck "quiet notifications".

Go to Settings -> Note that depending on your phone model, the titles or displays may be different but the procedure remains the same.

Issue: Call and message notifications, iPhone.

Go to iPhone settings

Please select your application name.

Go to Notifications and give all permissions, as well as the "Refresh (background)" permission.